Maybe It’s Because

By nemoulysseus from our sister website
Maybe it’s because I’m autistic
That I don’t understand why we don’t talk
About all those things that make people go Shush
Maybe it’s because I think different
That it makes even less sense
That little girls don’t know what’s wrong with them
Because of the grown men
Maybe it’s because I don’t know the rules change
That I think I’ll get the memo
That blue is the new pink and green, the new yellow
Why can’t I ask and who can’t I love?
Why must I smile? And why must I shrug?
Maybe it’s because I’m scared
And it’s the fear of being wrong
Everyone’s confused
Why didn’t you tell me you felt this strong?
Maybe it’s because no one is standard
But we keep pretending that there is a a norm
Maybe we’ll make the perfect human because science could’ve won
Maybe it’s because I like to watch the sky past
That I forget myself and hope
That maybe the good times will last
I’m a little girl with little girl dreams
Annoyed because goals and resilience are so much different than the movies seem
Maybe it’s because I have PCOS, maybe it’s because I’m stressed
And maybe
Just maybe
It’s because men always cared about all the wrong things when they see a dress 

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